VITAR’s emergent literacy program begins with a robust lesson design starting with instruction of the 52 English phonemes within the context of 41 high frequency words.

Flyer back OpenBookThe program uses over 4000 pages of content from multiple instructional 
disciplines (e.g., science, geography, citizenship and history), to assist students in developing college entrance-level vocabulary, comprehension, and diction skills.  Successful mastery of these skills will effectively prepare the students to take the SAT prep exam and for success in college and work.

Introductory lessons introduce the phonemes and present audio and video phonemic instruction. The students’ interest is then captivated by a rich media, audiovisual instructional set that allows them to map phonemes into graphemes.

Students receive robust guided practice, listen to stories containing the target sounds and associated vocabulary, practice writing with a word processor that voices each word as it is keyed and experience other lessons that are designed to expand their comprehension skills.